Latest Trends in Home Appliances

1898 French Door Refrigerator

Posted in Kitchen Appliances, Refrigerators by Maria on September 7, 2006

elmira-french-door-refrigerator.jpgAt Elmira, you get 21st century kitchen appliances looking like the 1898 French Door Refrigerator or like the funky range from the 1950’s.

And you won’t have to sacrifice convenience or performance for the look… all their products are state-of-the-art.

See more from Elmira…Elmira Stove Works.

The Vintage Radiant Warming oven by Vintage

Posted in Built-In Ovens, Kitchen Appliances by Maria on September 7, 2006

vintage-radiant-oven-detail1.jpgWarming ovens are a concept quickly making their way into the average kitchen. The Vintage Radiant Warming

Oven uses infrared lighting to keep your foods warm.

Visit Vintage online for exact specifications and ordering information.

Cook-N-Dine grill-table

Posted in Kitchen Appliances by Maria on September 7, 2006


Whether it’s your dining room, patio, motor-home, or even a yacht, you can safely use this table as it produces no open flame and requires only an electrical outlet to grill.

Surprise your guests with the Japanese Steak house style grilling.

Details on the Cook-N-Dine Grill Table.

Teka vitroceramic cooktop

Posted in Cooktops, Kitchen Appliances by Maria on September 7, 2006

teka-vitroceramic-hob.jpgTeka vitroceramic cooktop TR 90 DX adds another exiting option to Teka’s range of shaped designer cooktops.

This oval cooktop fits perfectly with the Teka DX island hood that is also oval.

Installed together, the cooktop and the hood will create a focal point in your kitchen.


A+0 Fruit Preserver

Posted in Kitchen Appliances by Maria on September 7, 2006

ao3_small.jpgA+O combines the benefits of a fruit bowl with the controlled environment of a refrigerator.

A+O uses a small amount of electricity to keep fruit and vegetables comfortably chilled, fresh and most importantly on the counter-top and within reach.

Designer: Brandon Warren

Kamado grill

Posted in Outdoor Grills by Maria on September 7, 2006

kamado-grill.jpgIf you are looking for an unusual grill that is simply quite unique, the Kamado grill is the one.

Kamado grill prices depend on the size, color, accessories and materials, but expect to spend around $2,000 for the one with standard tile color.

Kamado ships its grills practically anywhere in the USA.

If you want to look further for more very hard to find grills, check Neatorama for several rare finds.

Flavia Fusion drinks station

Posted in Kitchen Appliances by Maria on September 7, 2006

flavia-fusion-drinks-station1.jpgIf you enjoy fresh-brewed coffee and tea, you can get them in elegance and style with Flavia Fusion drinks station.

All it takes is the push of a button.

Flavia Fusion uses unique flavor filter packs and brews directly from a pack to a cup.Available in red, black and ice blue, the sleek Flavia can be purchased for a price of $100.


New Gorenje washing machine

Posted in Bathroom Appliances, Washers & Dryers by Maria on September 7, 2006

gorenje-washing-machine.jpgThe new freestanding Gorenje washing machine looks stylish with its sculptured lines.

Overall dimensions are H85 x W60 x D60 cm or 33.46″ x 23.62″ x 23.62″.

See also Gorenje Pininfarina fridge freezer.

Tealight Teacup

Posted in Kitchen Appliances, Small Appliances by Maria on September 7, 2006

tealight_teacup_small1.jpgMade in fine translucent white porcelain, Tealight is based on an 18th century fluted tea cup & saucer. However, with the base of the cup removed, the cup inverted, and a tealight becomes a beautiful contemporary decorative object.

Designer: Louisa Vilde

Eva Solo gas grill

Posted in Kitchen Appliances, Small Appliances by Maria on September 7, 2006

eva-solo-gas-grill1.jpgEva Solo unveiled a gas version of last year’s celebrated barrel grill. Those of you with , this newpreference for design and style should be delighted.

Released in July Eva Solo grill is not only beautiful, very functional and easy to use. Flat protective lid easily converts the grill into a patio table.


See also Eva Solo tea maker.