Latest Trends in Home Appliances

Sculpture Gas Grill from Kalamazoo

Posted in Outdoor Grills by Maria on October 6, 2006

kalamazoo-sculpture-charcoal-grill.jpgSculpture Gas Grill from Kalamazoo This stainless steel gourmet grill has two independently controlled cast stainless steel Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet Dragon Burners. Do you like to BBQ over hot coals and woods.Then the Sculpture Charcoal Grill is the one for you.

DCS Grill – The Most Advanced Grilling System Available

Posted in Outdoor Grills by Maria on October 6, 2006

dcs-barbecue-grill-thumb.jpg DCS If you want the best performing professional grill than the DCS grills are the way to go as they are now widely regarded as such. The Dynamic Cooking Systems, Inc.

LG Linear Compressor Refrigerator – Green Technology + TV

Posted in Refrigerators by Maria on October 6, 2006

LG Electronicslg-linear-refrigerator.jpg but what’s most interesting is that …it’s not only a state of the art refrigerator… it is also the most environmentally-friendly large-sized refrigerator.Very interesting.

Whirlpool Flat Screen TV Microwave – a new concept

Posted in Microwave Ovens by Maria on October 6, 2006

Whirlpool whirlpool-flat-screen-tv-microwave.jpgconcept unit that is a TV and microwave in one. On a flat screen built-in into the front door, you can watch TV or watch what’s cooking. I’d love to buy this product.

Miele Coffee System CVA2660 / CVA2650 – capsule coffee maker to install anywhere

Posted in Coffee Systems by Maria on October 6, 2006

Miele designed the world’s first built-in coffee system that uses whole beans… now introduces the CVA2000 series, the world’s first built-in capsule coffee systems that use blends of Nespressomiele-cva2660-coffee-system.jpg.

Electric Cooktops by Kuppersbusch – built-in honeycomb cooktop

Posted in Cooktops by Maria on October 6, 2006

kuppersbusch-electric-cooktops-honeycomb.jpgKuppersbusch honeycomb electric cooktops is our favorite choice. It would look great in modern kitchen, especially when installed on the island.Very interesting.

Induction Wok Cooktop by Kuppersbusch – the high-tech cooking

Posted in Cooktops by Maria on October 6, 2006

kuppersbusch-induction-wok-cooktop.jpgKuppersbush Induction Wok Cooktop only because it uses electromagnetic induction to prepare food faster while saving more energy, employs Sensor-Touch controls  and innovative Glass Ceramic surfacing, features Child-Safety Lock. I would like to have a product like this one.

Outdoor Pizza Oven from Kalamazoo

Posted in Outdoor Ovens by Maria on October 6, 2006

kalamazoo-outdoor-pizza-oven.jpgThe new Outdoor Artisan Pizza Oven from Kalamazoo let you bake your own pizza like in your own backyard all stainless still oven.

Vintage Stoves Model

Posted in Cooktops by Maria on October 6, 2006

vintage-stoves.jpgThis reproduction vintage stove from  features all the modern conveniences. This is a 36” wide 4 burner oven. It includes a full sized oven, center griddle, interior light and side storage.

Teka vitroceramic cooktop

Posted in Cooktops by Maria on October 6, 2006

teka-vitroceramic-hob.jpgTeka vitroceramic cooktop range of shaped designer cooktops. The cooktop and the hood will create a focal point in your kitchen. These designer vitroceramic cooktops to standard rectangular-shaped ones.