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Tonino Lamborghini coffee machine

Posted in Appliance Trends, Coffee Systems, Kitchen Appliances by Maria on May 8, 2007

tonino-lamborghini-coffee-machine.jpgTonino Lamborghini coffee maker, made from the finest materials available and featuring the most stunning finish seen in a coffee machine, is however fully functional, and will brew your favorite coffee, espresso, or cappuccino to perfection. The brewing process is operated by the lever which is an exact replica of the famous Lamborghini gear stick. The metal body is finished in high gloss Beluga black. All the controls are finished in sleek chrome. Tonino Lamborghini logo is engraved on front stainless steel panel, and Tonino Lamborghini signature and Limited Edition number engraved on stainless steel base. An appliances that is very functional but also has a unique and wonderful design.