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VC-95XP cyclone vacuum cleaner

Posted in Accessories, Appliance Trends, Vacuum cleaners by Maria on December 3, 2007

2007-02-1412-a.jpgThe high performance VC-95XP features an automatic filter-cleaning system that eliminates one of the most frequent drawbacks of cyclone vacuum cleaners: reduced vacuum performance caused by clogged filter pores. This vacuum cleaner has a compact design with no unnecessary uneven parts, which ensures smooth manoeuvring. A slanted front top with a transparent lid lends the appliance a flexible appearance. In addition to the automatic filter-cleaning system, the chamber separating dust and air is also cleaned by air pressure. This allows the filter section to be used for ten years without servicing. The upper dust lid opens automatically when sufficient dust has accumulated, and rises, so that the user can dispose of the dust without having to bend dot award: product design 2007