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Bagless vacuum cleaner

Posted in Accessories, Appliance Trends, Small Appliances, Vacuum cleaners by Maria on December 10, 2007

2007-02-2341-f.jpgThis bagless vacuum cleaner range avoids the use and hassle of dust bags. It consists of high-end qualitative vacuum cleaners with high performance and low noise level. It helps the user in a comfortable way to make the cleaning of the house less of a strain and more enjoyable. The design with a user-friendly interface shows clearly that the cylinder is bagless and has a special filter cleaning system. The design challenge was to integrate a new filter cleaning technology without increasing the overall size. The device still needed to be as compact as its predecessor. The solution was to take the principle of the new filter cleaning technology and adapt it to space available in the lower and upper folding housing. With the user in mind dirt-free zones between the bucket and the lower housing were created.