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Gaggenau’s IK 300/302 refrigerator and freezer

Posted in Accessories, Appliance Trends, Freezers, Kitchen Appliances, Small Appliances by Maria on December 20, 2007

13_1294_15000_336_336-1.jpgGaggenau‘s large IK 300/302 refrigerator and freezer centre, which is designed for full integration, simply offers everything the gourmet could desire. Four separate climate zones with different temperature and humidity levels are at the user’s disposal. In this optimum atmosphere, everyday foodstuffs and delicatessen items keep for up to twice as long as in conventional fridges. The unique Gaggenau cooling system and the near-to-0 °C chilling function, familiar from professional refrigeration technology, constantly provide optimal storage conditions, even for easily spoiled items. Despite its generous size, this is the first such appliance designed for full integration into standard kitchen units. Its dimensions conform to European kitchen standards. Only the dispenser remains visible, so that the IK 300/302 can serve not just chilled drinking water, but also absolutely crystal-clear, odour-free and separate ice cubes into a glass at the press of a button. In the IK 302, visible elements such as the ice dispenser, door handles and ventilation grilles are in aluminium, matching the 200 series of appliances.

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