Latest Trends in Home Appliances

Diva induction cooktops


The need for safer cooking methods for the disabled and visually impaired is critical. The fact that every seven minutes someone in America will become blind or visually impaired is further evidence of this need. To provide the potential for a safer cooking experience for the nearly 10 million blind or visually impaired individuals in North America, Diva de Provence is now introducing a tactile marking kit for its induction cooktops.

Diva’s capacitive touch controls are perfectly suited for integrating the tactile markings and you can add to this the safety benefits of cooking with induction enabling all North Americans to enjoy the entire epicurean experience.

Available in three models (DDP-2, DDP-4 and DDP-5); Diva Induction cooktops utilize electromagnetic energy to heat only the cookware. The cooking surface remains cool to the touch providing the safest cooking surface on the market and virtually eliminating the danger of burns. Additionally, Diva Induction cooktops deliver over 25,000 BTU’s making it the fastest, most precise and energy-efficient cooking method available.Diva

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