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HSB 745 A55 E gas range cooker

hsb-745-a55-e-gas-range-cooker.jpgThe free-standing HSB 745 A55 E stainless steel gas range cooker has the appearance of a top-class appliance. Elegant proportions, a functional look and the satin shine of solid stainless steel make this cooker an eye-catcher in every open-design kitchen. With two multifunctional electric ovens and 100 cm in width, the design of this stand-alone gas range cooker meets professional requirements. Metallic bar handles, metal-coloured clamp handles and a large display with clock and timer add to the professional look. This spacious oven with several heating systems is suitable for preparing food in a variety of ways. Simple meals can be prepared or dishes kept warm in a small oven with top and bottom heat. Both ovens have viewing windows and metal applications. The stainless steel hob with four burners and a wok burner for Asian food enthusiasts is equipped with cast-iron pot supports. red dot award: product design 2007.

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