Latest Trends in Home Appliances

Lussino Ice Cream Machine

Posted in Appliance Trends, Small Appliances by Maria on March 12, 2008


Get geared up for the summer!

Ice cream machine for your home , have fun and prepare flawless frozen desserts in just half an hour. Ice cream, sorbet, gelato and frozen drinks with a superb silken texture, everything that you can imagine. Lussino.

Induction Burner from Fagor

Posted in Heating appliances, Small Appliances by Maria on March 12, 2008


Less cooking time, almost half of it,  and more efficient too. Touch control to ease the use and to make a more stylish design. Fagor.

Top Loading Microwave

Posted in Microwave Ovens by Maria on March 12, 2008


Whole microwave oven is designed with aim on simplicity. From formal point of view it is cylindrical object that is embracing food in its center. Concept supposes placement in height of normal work surface with users view orientated downwards. Controls of this concept are fully adapted to this assumption. The microwave includes the standard features like temperature control, a timer and removable inner lining that makes cleaning easy. Martin Zampach.