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Disco Inferno…

Posted in Kitchen Appliances by Maria on March 20, 2009

At first glance you might think you are looking at the latest innovation in DJ mixing boards, but look again. This is literally the hottest technology innovation you will find all month. The Izona CookSurface (a.k.a. “Project Luna”) by Fisher & Paykel is a new and welcome direction in the art of boiling water. The stove top surface features never before seen ideas like retractable gas burners that disappear below the surface when not in use, making for easy clean up of the frameless black glass surface. Another practical innovation is their patented “Aero” burner technology that assures even heat distribution at never before seen low settings. I don’t know about you, but I like my food to burn really slow, so this helps. Interesting note, there are only three burners on this stove top. Fisher & Paykel’s research has shown that most of us only use a max of three burners at any one time. I like to call this feature the “Carpe Diem” design, because now you can never put anything on the back burner. Also, no more forearm burns reaching to the back burner to stir your stew. Fisher & Paykeizonaizona2



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