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Bodum Ottoni electric water kettle

Posted in Small Appliances by Maria on March 23, 2009

Designed after the Bodum Ottoni stainless steel stovetop kettle, this 1.5 kW electric water kettle offers the same cool, post-modernistic look combined with a convenience and power of cordless electric kettle. To minimize energy consumption, the Ottoni employs stainless steel heating element, concealed underneath a stainless steel plate to maximize the surface contact between the hot metal and the water. Bodum auto shut-off feature insures that the Ottoni is switched off when the water boils or if the heating element overheats. This protects the kettle from damage as well as provides additional safety. The kettle comes with a removable scale filter positioned in the spout to retain calcium deposits and prevents water from being tainted. Maximum capacity is 51 ounces or 1.5 liters. Bodum bodum-ottoni-electric-water-kettle


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