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De Dietrich modern washing machine

Posted in Appliance Trends, Bathroom Appliances, Washers & Dryers by Maria on March 25, 2009

The De Dietrich DWF814 is a modern washing machine with the unique intuitive Intelligent Control System (ICS) technology. The 8kg washer comes in black or stainless steel, has maximum RPM speed of 1,400, and is ‘A+AB’ rated for energy, washing and spinning. A 34cm diameter blue glass door opens to 180°. The 60 litre stainless steel drum is inclined to ensure better wash and spin results and also makes loading and unloading easier. Electronic clock with 1 to 24 hours delay start allows you to set wash start in the most appropriate time.  That can be overridden manually with 16 manual wash programs.  The modern washing machine also constantly monitors the load and automatically adjusts itself for perfect results every time. De Dietrichde-dietrich-modern-washing-machine-dwf814b


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