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Wet recyclable washbasin fusion

Posted in Accessories, Bathroom Appliances by Maria on October 5, 2009

The ingenious designers! Pictured here are recyclable eco-friendly washbasin with funky looks and amazing color combinations. The freestanding Fusion washbasin is 100% recyclable, indestructible, non-toxic, child-friendly, easy-to-maintain, and it looks great too!.  Including Ice White, Black, Apple, Lila, Fuchsia, Lemon, Orange and Red, and also in the Gold, Zebra and Cosmo motifs, which can be combined in 64 different ways to form a funky fusion of color in your bathroom. Wet wet recyclable washbasin fusion

Halogene Light for FUSION : 3 x 20 watt Halogene illumination-set, for strong plain illumination, for simple dimmable wall-switched function. Includes a double insulated, class II, 240 V >12 Vac transformer.


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