Latest Trends in Home Appliances


Posted in Freezers, Kitchen Appliances, Refrigerators by Maria on May 31, 2010

The NoFrost system prevents the formation of ice in the freezer, so time-consuming thawing cleaning, Fresh-Box  is the 16 liter it keeps food fresh and crisp for much longer. AEG new TwinTech system with separate evaporators provides two distinct air circulations in the refrigerator and freezer. AEG

AEG-Electrolux toaster

Posted in Kitchen Appliances, Small Appliances, Toasters by Maria on May 31, 2010

Start your day with a nice crispy toast from one of AEG-Electrolux Buon Giorno toasters, the double-slot, toaster showcases modern design.  Both toasters, black with silver, and white with silver enable you to have every morning  toast. AEG-Electrolux

Dualit hand mixer

Posted in Kitchen Appliances, Small Appliances by Maria on May 31, 2010

Hhand mixer with five speeds and a variety of attachments is a true multi-tasker for aspiring chefs. Whether you need to whisk up egg whites, knead bread dough or create the perfect mashed potato, the right combination of speed setting and beater type will be perfect for the job. Dualit

Kitchen faucet

Posted in Kitchen Appliances by Maria on May 28, 2010

This astonishing kitchen fixture has a sculptural and artistic edge. Intelligently engineered to hold any pose for hands-free operation, the Karbon faucet extends fully to fill large pots, lowers into the sink for food preparation and cleanup, folds compactly out of the way when not in use and can be positioned anywhere in between. Kohler

Bathroom Faucet

Posted in Bathroom Appliances by Maria on May 28, 2010

The faucet, which looks like a stylized robot arm on a space shuttle, can be wall- or deck-mounted. Kohler

Future Kitchen Concept

Posted in Kitchen Appliances, Kitchen Islands by Maria on May 28, 2010

An amazing modern futuristic kitchen design concept for Mobalpa that was named as Iris. A kitchen design concept that was created with the front edge of the bound achieved by the clean lines and soft, rounded edges that give it a refined look. This kitchen concept can say, that is a future concept kitchen design. Mobalpa

Laminate Kitchen

Posted in Kitchen Appliances, Kitchen Islands by Maria on May 28, 2010

New kitchen design from Arrital sure will take your working space to the next level of style. Featuring high-gloss colors and touch of nature beauty which is wood, make this wonderful kitchen has ultra-modern look.  Arrital

Coffee machine

Posted in Coffee Systems by Maria on May 27, 2010

This lovely looking express coffee machine, where both the spikes and supports are made from polished aluminum. The Saeco Etienne Louis espresso coffee machine looks rather futuristic and unconventional. Saeco

Podi coffee machine

Posted in Coffee Systems, Small Appliances by Maria on May 27, 2010

The Podi is a single serve coffee maker to be used with rigid Italian made capsules available in six different aromas, allowing a great variety to the users. Available in white, black, or red finishes, the new coffee machine just features one push button for easy and practical functioning. Vinod Gangotra

Maritime style kitchen Marecucina

Posted in Kitchen Appliances, Kitchen Islands by Maria on May 27, 2010

The modern maritime-style Marecucina kitchen boasts beautiful wood details and an artfully shaped countertop, skirted in clean, white cabinets that provide plenty of stylish storage – out of sight, out of mind. The look is ideal for minimalist kitchens, but it quickly takes center stage in any home. Alno