Latest Trends in Home Appliances

Roto fryer

Posted in Kitchen Appliances, Small Appliances by Maria on October 19, 2010

The De’Longhi F28311 Roto Fryer is an innovative take on deep frying, with a unique angled, rotating basket that uses only half the oil of a standard 1 kg capacity fryer, creating perfectly fried food. Has an adjustable thermostat and a ready indicator light to show when the fryer is at the desired temperature. DeLonghi


Miele EcoLine dishwasher

Posted in Dishwashers, Kitchen Appliances by Maria on October 19, 2010

This EcoLine Dishwasher  is sound insulated for a quiet operation performance the best cleaning. When you connect the G 5000 Miele dishwasher to a hot water supply, energy consumption can be reduced to as little as 0.59 kWh. Miele

Bathroom Faucet

Posted in Bathroom Appliances by Maria on October 19, 2010

This faucet will look stunning in a minimalist bathroom, offering just the right amount of sparkle to make your bath really shine. Modern,simply elegant. Cristina Rubinetterie