Latest Trends in Home Appliances

KAN 58 A50 side by side combination

kan-58-a50-side-by-side-combination.jpgWith its black-lacquered piano high gloss and looking like an elegant jewel, the KAN 58 A50 side by side combination forms the centre of attention in the kitchen. An electronically controlled water dispenser is conveniently integrated in the front door area. Pressing the dispenser button provides ice cubes and crushed ice in a professional way. Stainless steel bar handles open the fridge and freezer compartments separately. Thanks to the dynamic multi-airflow cooling system, cold air is blown swiftly but gently into the various cooling zones. This process cools food gently. The appliance is equipped with the time-saving NoFrost system that does away with the need for time-consuming manual defrosting.


LG side by-side refrigerator

side-by-side-refrigerator.jpgA simple and solid image of the side-by-side refrigerator is emphasised through a flush type design for the exterior. By applying the drawers to the freezer, it leads customers to store frozen food easily and keep freezer clean and organised. The device has a water dispenser, and the freezer room has increased space by integrating auto icemaker. The side-by-side refrigerator established A+ in electricity consumption by using linear compressor. The water and ice dispenser button and the menu button are located in the centre. The display buttons are touch-censored; each button has its own LED lighting with various sounds. This makes it easier for users to recognise the functions visually and by hearing as well. Display graphics are made with pictograms, which make it simple and intuitive to recognise. The home-bar is made with auto-sliding and one-touch door that makes it easier to open and close. LG .

Sub-Zero PRO 48 Refrigerator/Freezer


Born of 100% steel, the Sub-Zero PRO 48 Refrigerator/Freezer is no less than a masterpiece of preservation. Its sculpted metal, dual refrigeration and advanced controls marry performance and design in a bold new way for home refrigeration.
Form and function are combined with the Sub-Zero Pro-48 refrigerator. With 18.4 refrigerator cubic feet and 11.4 freezer cubic feet, the refrigerator is the largest combination unit Sub Zero offers.Inside is a dual refrigeration system to prevent odor transfer between the refrigerator and freezer sections You have full access to food with full extension drawers and interchangeable refrigerator drawer dividers.


Gaggenau’s IK 300/302 refrigerator and freezer

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13_1294_15000_336_336-1.jpgGaggenau‘s large IK 300/302 refrigerator and freezer centre, which is designed for full integration, simply offers everything the gourmet could desire. Four separate climate zones with different temperature and humidity levels are at the user’s disposal. In this optimum atmosphere, everyday foodstuffs and delicatessen items keep for up to twice as long as in conventional fridges. The unique Gaggenau cooling system and the near-to-0 °C chilling function, familiar from professional refrigeration technology, constantly provide optimal storage conditions, even for easily spoiled items. Despite its generous size, this is the first such appliance designed for full integration into standard kitchen units. Its dimensions conform to European kitchen standards. Only the dispenser remains visible, so that the IK 300/302 can serve not just chilled drinking water, but also absolutely crystal-clear, odour-free and separate ice cubes into a glass at the press of a button. In the IK 302, visible elements such as the ice dispenser, door handles and ventilation grilles are in aluminium, matching the 200 series of appliances.


liebherr-c.jpgThe Liebherr C 1650 built-in refrigerator – freezer with stainless steel door and transferable door hinges can be easily integrated into any kitchen layout. With the satin finish Glass – Line shelves and door racks, opening a combined refrigerator freezer is an experience in itself. High quality stainless steel trims enhance the harmonious interior of the refrigerator. The extra deep transparent drawers are an especially attractive design feature. They are removable so they give you a clear view of the contents and offer extra convenient storage.

Combination Steam and Convection Oven

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imagesend.jpgGaggenau’s cutting-edge functionality has resulted in an innovative Combination Steam and Convection oven with humidity levels from 0 to 100% and temperatures up to 450 ºF. A direct water conncection with inlet and outlet ensures unlimited water supply.

Available in a stainless steel-backed or aluminum-backed glass front with a sleek, all stainless steel interior, the BS 280/281 – 30″ is operated with the clear text LCD control panel fully integrated into the bottom of the all-glass door, offering an unobstructed view of the oven’s cavity. No extraneous knobs, touch pads, or buttons remain on the door, creating a sleek line of site directly into the oven’s interior. The door opens to a full 180 degrees, allowing for ease of loading and unloading food.

RSH1KTSW side-by-side refrigerator

2007-02-1739-a.jpgIn its appearance the RSH1KTSW unit follows a Super Fridge design philosophy. This side-by-side refrigerator has an aesthetic and minimalist look. The focus of its form concentrates on practical ways to store those foods that are typical of European eating habits. A twin display allows intuitive use of the twin cooling function. An integrated wine rack and thin, removable rails are useful for storing beverages and larger quantities of food than can be stored in conventional side-by-side refrigerators.

Jenn-Air Luxury Series Built-In Refrigerator JS42PPDBDA

js48ppdbda_cob_480.jpgThis 42-inch wide built-in refrigerator offers commercial-grade stainless steel wrapped doors, bold handles with diamond-etched grip and striking black and stainless through-the-door ice and water dispenser. Flexible storage features inside adapt to your needs now and later. Backlit Electronic Ice And Water Dispenser With PuriClean Filtration System And Change Indicator Light. Precision Temperature Management System With Variable Speed Compressor. Software-Driven Touch Sensor Electronic Controls Offer Digital Readout Of Interior Temperature, Door Ajar Alarm And Power Interrupt Indicator. Adjustable Door Bins With Chrome Fronts. Adjustable Wire Freezer Shelves, Including One Elevator Shelf. Jenn-Air

European BF Refrigerator

2007-02-1666-a.jpgThis refrigerator resembles the European BF version and has a flush surface design. In order to comply with consumer needs and to minimise power consumption, an ice-cooled home bar has been integrated into the freezer. The water dispenser is particularly convenient and a touch of comfort. A LED drawer has been added to keep vegetables fresh. A wooden wine rack radiates a sense of luxury. The handle of the twist ice tray is longer and larger than usual. Individual rails attached to the bottom of each drawer make it easier to open and close them. The display settings on the control panel are simple to change. Various exterior details have been added specifically to ensure that the refrigerator harmonises with a wide range of fittings. All the materials used can be recycled.

Jenn Air 15″ Under Counter Automatic Ice Maker

jim158xbrb_cob_480.jpgA plentiful supply of ice at all times, even when entertaining large groups of friends or during extended family gatherings, is not a concern with our automatic ice maker. The production rate of up to 50 pounds of ice per 24-hour period and storage capacity of 25 pounds ensure a steady supply of clear ice. The lighted storage bin with ice scoop makes ice easy to access. From Jenn Air.