Latest Trends in Home Appliances

Wine bar cabinet

Posted in Accessories by Maria on December 13, 2010

This model is a standard one and comes equipped with one glass shelf in the middle compartment along with six glass shelves in the side compartments. Refrigerator to keep your wines  appropriate temperatures. Muller

Elsa raclette machine

Posted in Accessories by Maria on November 30, 2010

To realize superb authentic Swiss raclettes just ask ELSA. Simply pull ELSA’s Bakelite horns, and the plate of cheese will tilt towards the plate below. This position means that the cheese can be easily scraped off the plate a real raclette in traditional style !. Stadler

Sepp cheese fondue

Posted in Accessories by Maria on November 30, 2010

The traditional Swiss fondue pot hangs over the warmer just like a modern cheese fondue set. The cast iron optimally distributes the heat and can be used with induction hobs. The hinged stainless steel frame ensures that fondue hangs securely over the flame and allows you to safely carry it to the table. Stadler Form

MiniVED Electric Instantaneous Water Heater

Posted in Accessories, Bathroom Appliances by Maria on November 19, 2010

This instantaneous water heater elegantly and harmoniously blends in with various living environments and visualises corporate design elements, which are emphasised by striking lines.  It provides energy-efficient hot-water comfort due to the continuous-flow principle. Vaillant GmbH

Ultrasonic Humidifier Black

Posted in Accessories, Air Purifiers by Maria on November 15, 2010

Is a stylish modern design ultrasonic humidifier which is loaded with top of the line features.The elegant William Humidifier is in the highest league of craftsmanship and beauty. Is truly a masterpiece which will look great anywhere in your room. Swizz Style

Wooden fan

Posted in Accessories by Maria on November 15, 2010

This wooden fan is a straightforward chap with height-adjustable feet. It is a durable wood, perfect for everyday lasting beauty. Otto helps keep the office or living space cool during the balmy summer months. Swizz Style

Salt and pepper grinders

Posted in Accessories by Maria on September 28, 2010

Salt and Pepper Grinders, also called pepper mills, are devices designed to grind fresh pepper from whole peppercorns. They are popular because the flavor and aroma of ground pepper fades within a few months while whole peppercorns stay fresh for a year or more. Marc Newson

Tana water bar

Posted in Accessories by Maria on August 6, 2010

The ecologically Tana Water Bars are advanced water appliances that employ a sophisticated filtration system and digital controls. New Deal Design

Wine racks and bottle holder

Posted in Accessories, Coolers & Cellars by Maria on July 27, 2010

Featuring a modern design with clean lines and tough yet elegant stainless steel construction, these wine racks and bottle holders will continue to store your favorite wines. Blomus

Steel Bathroom Accessorie

Posted in Accessories, Bathroom Appliances by Maria on May 20, 2010

These stainless steel ring designs feature circles in various sizes, fastened together to form the base of a stool, sink and towel rack very contemporary, very coordinated, very cool! Finished in a variety of hot hues, these steel bathroom accessories will bring a funky look to your bathroom. Small space for a modern aesthetic. OML