Latest Trends in Home Appliances

HSB 745 A55 E gas range cooker

hsb-745-a55-e-gas-range-cooker.jpgThe free-standing HSB 745 A55 E stainless steel gas range cooker has the appearance of a top-class appliance. Elegant proportions, a functional look and the satin shine of solid stainless steel make this cooker an eye-catcher in every open-design kitchen. With two multifunctional electric ovens and 100 cm in width, the design of this stand-alone gas range cooker meets professional requirements. Metallic bar handles, metal-coloured clamp handles and a large display with clock and timer add to the professional look. This spacious oven with several heating systems is suitable for preparing food in a variety of ways. Simple meals can be prepared or dishes kept warm in a small oven with top and bottom heat. Both ovens have viewing windows and metal applications. The stainless steel hob with four burners and a wok burner for Asian food enthusiasts is equipped with cast-iron pot supports. red dot award: product design 2007.

GE Café Gas & Dual-Fuel Ranges

gecafe.jpgge-cafe-2.jpgFive burners and two ovens… a formula for success for anyone pursuing the passion for cooking.

This powerful, yet flexible range offers an 18,000 BTU dual stacked burner for both power boiling and precise simmering at temperatures as low as 140 degrees. The cooktop also includes a 17,000 BTU burner, precise simmer burners and a fifth oval center burner with an integrated griddle accessory. Down below you’ll find an extra-large self-cleaning oven cavity with precise air convection, as well as a lower baking oven that can also act as a warming drawer. GE Appliances.

Gaggenau Hood AH 900

13_1294_14020_336_336-11.jpgThis miniature marvel of extraction technology is both discreet and effective. The svelte 30 mm thick screen with a hardened glass insert slides back under the top cupboard after use leaving only the narrow handle visible, while an integral fluorescent strip illuminates the cooking area evenly with no glare. For all its good looks, this model actually reserves its most impressive feature for the ears: despite its impressive extraction performance, the double-inlet fan makes barely a whisper. Three power levels plus an intensive mode are provided. The intensive mode runs for three, five or ten minutes as required before returning the extractor to its previous setting. Installation is straightforward, too, so the AH 900 could be quietly looking after your kitchen in next to no time. Gaggenau .

Diva induction cooktops


The need for safer cooking methods for the disabled and visually impaired is critical. The fact that every seven minutes someone in America will become blind or visually impaired is further evidence of this need. To provide the potential for a safer cooking experience for the nearly 10 million blind or visually impaired individuals in North America, Diva de Provence is now introducing a tactile marking kit for its induction cooktops.

Diva’s capacitive touch controls are perfectly suited for integrating the tactile markings and you can add to this the safety benefits of cooking with induction enabling all North Americans to enjoy the entire epicurean experience.

Available in three models (DDP-2, DDP-4 and DDP-5); Diva Induction cooktops utilize electromagnetic energy to heat only the cookware. The cooking surface remains cool to the touch providing the safest cooking surface on the market and virtually eliminating the danger of burns. Additionally, Diva Induction cooktops deliver over 25,000 BTU’s making it the fastest, most precise and energy-efficient cooking method available.Diva

Sub-Zero PRO 48 Refrigerator/Freezer


Born of 100% steel, the Sub-Zero PRO 48 Refrigerator/Freezer is no less than a masterpiece of preservation. Its sculpted metal, dual refrigeration and advanced controls marry performance and design in a bold new way for home refrigeration.
Form and function are combined with the Sub-Zero Pro-48 refrigerator. With 18.4 refrigerator cubic feet and 11.4 freezer cubic feet, the refrigerator is the largest combination unit Sub Zero offers.Inside is a dual refrigeration system to prevent odor transfer between the refrigerator and freezer sections You have full access to food with full extension drawers and interchangeable refrigerator drawer dividers.


Gaggenau’s IK 300/302 refrigerator and freezer

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13_1294_15000_336_336-1.jpgGaggenau‘s large IK 300/302 refrigerator and freezer centre, which is designed for full integration, simply offers everything the gourmet could desire. Four separate climate zones with different temperature and humidity levels are at the user’s disposal. In this optimum atmosphere, everyday foodstuffs and delicatessen items keep for up to twice as long as in conventional fridges. The unique Gaggenau cooling system and the near-to-0 °C chilling function, familiar from professional refrigeration technology, constantly provide optimal storage conditions, even for easily spoiled items. Despite its generous size, this is the first such appliance designed for full integration into standard kitchen units. Its dimensions conform to European kitchen standards. Only the dispenser remains visible, so that the IK 300/302 can serve not just chilled drinking water, but also absolutely crystal-clear, odour-free and separate ice cubes into a glass at the press of a button. In the IK 302, visible elements such as the ice dispenser, door handles and ventilation grilles are in aluminium, matching the 200 series of appliances.


liebherr-c.jpgThe Liebherr C 1650 built-in refrigerator – freezer with stainless steel door and transferable door hinges can be easily integrated into any kitchen layout. With the satin finish Glass – Line shelves and door racks, opening a combined refrigerator freezer is an experience in itself. High quality stainless steel trims enhance the harmonious interior of the refrigerator. The extra deep transparent drawers are an especially attractive design feature. They are removable so they give you a clear view of the contents and offer extra convenient storage.

EMEET Tier range hood

tier-style-multimedia-range-hood-emeet.jpgEMEET Tier style range hood is a new intelligent product for your kitchen. This advanced hood both in design and in technology collects fume through its tier style surface which creates multiple zones of negative pressure to improve suction ability. The luxury model equipped with advanced fume proof body induction control panel and intelligent kitchen control system.

Boffi Case System 2.3

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A product of extensive research, the top-of-the-range ‘Case System 2.3’, teams the ever growing demand for ultra sophisticated design with intelligent and innovative technical solutions.
To maintain an image of absolute minimalism the handle has been integrated into the doors where it remains invisible. The stainless steel worktop rests on a light, aluminum frame creating a void between base and top. Other elegant technical solutions such as the ‘Blu-motion’ seal-mechanism that allows the doors of the units to recede softly and silently close are standard.
This truly pioneering design introduces the suspended base module, kept in suspension by a built-in L-shaped steel joint. Supported on one side by a low open faced module and fixed to the floor behind a regular base unit on the other the units appear to be weightless. Whilst fulfilling all practical necessities this modular entity contradicts all traditional ideas of a kitchen. Boffi.

Dream Versatile espresso from Ascaso

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The boldest outline, a wink to the past and a best to the future. The Dream Versatile espresso and cappuccino machine is the flagship of the Ascaso line. Its classic retro look is combined with the best that modern technology has to offer in a traditional style machine.


This series is dubbed the “Versatile” machine because the Dream Versatile machines can use either ground coffee or proportioned single serving espresso pods. This offers a lot of versatility in the way you brew your coffee or espresso. Not only does this machine look great in any kitchen, but it also allows you to make cafe quality espresso drinks, lattes, cappuccino, and cafe mochas. From Ascaso .