Latest Trends in Home Appliances

QuadQue Charcoal Grill and Outdoor Fireplace


The one of a kind QuadQue Charcoal Grill and Outdoor Fireplace is unique, flexible and has achieved award winning results in food competitions. The QuadQue can be used as a grill, smoker, steamer or an outdoor fireplace. Heavy duty steel construction means the QuadQue is sturdy and built to last.

Six porcelain cooking grates add up to a large 1,370 square inches of cooking space. Includes Stainless steel handles and temperature guage, this amazing grill also has meat hangers for cooking or smoking, an ash drawer for easy clean up and a front spark guard when used as a fireplace. QuadQue Charcoal Grill burns wood or charcoal and is quite possibly the last grill you will ever have to buy.

Baby Belling Pronto Induction Hob

pronto-belling.JPGThe Baby Belling Induction Hob (TTi300) is a revolution in heating technology. This portable table-top hob uses an induction element that heats the pan and not the surface, meaning fast, energy efficient and safe cooking.

The Baby Belling Pronto is a handy table top portable induction hob. Induction technology resluts in very fast heat up times and is also much more controlable than a standard electric hob. Induction technology works by transfering heat straight to the pan rather than the surface of the hob. This means that the Pronto is also very energy efficient. The product comes included with a cast-iron griddle and a pan with a glass lid.

Genesis E-320 Grill

genesise320_hero.jpgUnderstated elegance with power to spare. Three stainless steel burners, electronic Crossover® ignition system, a slick, flush-mounted side burner, and your choice of three stunning colors – black, dark blue, and green. It’s a great grill, which comes with 6 tool holder and a Webber cookbook. So, get ready to grill.

Mercury Gas Hob Top


Enjoy the flexibility of the built-in experience with the Mercury Gas Hob Top, which you can position anywhere you like to suit your kitchen’s design. It impresses through it’s clean simple lines and unbeatable quality. It’s stylish, professional and  practical.

DCS 30 Inch Grill with Rotisserie – Propane


DCS combines the latest grilling technology and innovation to deliver the ultimate in outdoor cooking performance and control. Every DCS grill is handcrafted and constructed entirely of heavy gage type 304 stainless steel.

There is one certainty when it comes to the life of outdoor grills: the weather will take its toll over time. DCS kept this in mind when they designed their outdoor products. These grills feature stainless steel grill grates which offer weatherproof performance. That means no more rusted grates. No matter what kind of grill you purchase, there is one feature that needs to be standard: intense heat. DCS’ Precession Ported, U-shaped stainless steel grill burners accurately deliver up to 25,000 BTU’s each. That means perfect grilling every time.


bongos_tcsbg003_00.jpgMobile outdoor kitchen, equipped with sink, basket, chopping-board, spray tap, 2 interchangeable cooking islands and 2 stainless steel or iroko wood trays. The two lateral compartments are designed for a gas tank and a storage shelf. Four sturdy wheels make Bongos easily transportable on the most difficult surfaces. It is designesd for water (inflow/outflow) and gas connections. The perfect appliance for outdoor day in the garden. 

Weber® Spirit® E-310 gas grill


Making Weber’s legendary performance and quality accessible to grillers on a budget has been a long-time goal, and with the introduction of the Weber® Spirit® gas grill we’ve done just that. Three stainless steel burners and 424 square inches of primary cooking space help the Spirit® E-310 grill tackle anything. It has some cool features like : 3 Tool holders,  2 Right-hand and left-hand condiment baskets and a precision fuel gauge (LP models only). The other features are left for you to find.

Sculpture stainless grills

sculpure-gas.jpgSculptures and barbecues? Art with function is the concept. Beautiful pieces of art that enliven your home and patio with smooth curves and blended lines, combined with professional gourmet cooking performance. So if you’re tired of the traditional boxy looks found on most grills, and instead want a stainless steel grill that makes a statement, then perhaps Kalamazoo‘s awesome Sculpture stainless grills are for you and your patio!

VillaWare V5555 MICKEY Mornin Toaster

Posted in Outdoor Ovens, Toasters by Maria on December 16, 2006

villaware-mickey.jpgVilliaWare MICKEY Mornin’ toaster. Toaster plays the Mickey Mouse Club March when the toasts pops up. Toasts Mickey’s face onto each slice. Extra wide slots. 5 setting browning control. Removable crumb tray for easy clean up. Classic stainless steel housing

Jade – Double Wall Oven

Posted in Built-In Ovens, Outdoor Ovens by Maria on December 7, 2006


Jade – Double Wall Oven, Conventional drop-down oven doors can be awkward to reach over and walk around. Jade Appliances provides an alternative: a double wall oven.